I am doing something I have NEVER done before and may never do again. It all depends on you!

This October I am having a one-day WORKSHOP the day before Big Seminar.

In this workshop I will be covering, step-by-step how to utilize three of the top online tools.

Not only will you learn how to use them... you will learn how to profit from using them so that they pay for themselves month after month.

Ok, I know you are asking why is Frank holding a workshop?
Well the answer is this...

I get asked many times a week "how do I use Ask Database?", or "how do I put audio on my web site, is it really that easy?" "What is an auto responder, And why do I need one?" But the biggest question I get is "Frank, How do I tie this all together so that I can grow my business faster?" will do that and more.

Plus I have mentioned several times in my Newsletter and on my blog about the power of attending live seminars, the training in itself is priceless but I can't begin to tell you how MY business has grown through networking at live events.

Here's the part where I tell you how to get it for Visit my site - Scroll All the way to the bottom of the page (you'll see a flashing red arrow), click the link that says "That One Workshop FR.EE Registration".

This will allow you to get your seat for the Big Seminar through me. In exchange, you get to attend my workshop the day before Big Seminar at no cost.

Visit to find out all of the details, benefits and bonuses that you will get for attending my Workshop. But please realize seats are limited and are first come, first serve, for this event.

I Look forward to seeing you in Atlanta this fall...
Until then, all the best and much success in everything you do!

Frank Deardurff III - That One Web Guy and CoFounder of

Access Cafe Networks Inc

605 Ohio Street
Terre Haute, IN


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